First Work




luna moth 1

luna moth 2

This is my first piece of work for an exhibition I will be taking part in during December. It’s the first time I’ve actually used colour in my work so its’ been a bit of a journey. I’ve been very much influenced by contemporary collage work and the colours of spring. The motifs were very much subconsciously made with only having 5-10 mins making time between baby needs. I’m currently working on the hand quilting cuddled up on the couch looking out at the blooming daffodils.




La Passacaglia 2

La Passacaglia 3

La Passacaglia Quilt : began June 2015

Passacaglia; a piece of music, variations on a theme, derived from pasar (to walk)

I certainly feel like I’ve been walking through this quilt. Its cyclical motions are both comforting and peaceful and entirely frustrating. This was started when my baby was just starting to crawl and now he is walking, confidently, stepping out into the world. This is my ‘stitching before bed’ project, bare legsĀ in the summer and wrapped in a favourite quilt in the winter.